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Critical Care Tower Expansion

Project Data

Client:  St. Joseph's Baptist Healthcare
Architect:  *Ranon & Partners, Inc. Architects
Jodi Solito was the Project Architect and Designer while at R&P
Structural Engineer:  MCE
Mechanical Engineer:  EPI
Electrical Engineer:  KBA
Construction Manager:  Wehr Constructors, Inc.
Photography:  Mark Borosch

An additional 2 stories were added above the existing 3 story Critical Care Tower to provide 25 
med-surg/1 observation beds on the 4th floor and 25 ICU/1 observation beds on the 5th floor.  The 25 
med-surg beds were designed to quickly convert the floor to all ICU.  The project was designed to be phased so that the floors below could be occupied during construction.

Studio S Architecture, LLC
Main Nurse's Station
Typical Medical-Surgical Patient Room
Sub Nurse's Station with View into Pair of Patient Rooms
Typical Critical Care Patient Room

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